Rugby Webb Ellis BNI
Meeting Day: Thursday, 6:45 AM
Meeting Location:
Draycote Hotel
London Road
CV23 9LF
Meeting Location Phone - 01788 521800
Member Count: 22
President: Adam McHenry
Tel: 01788 560905
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Vice President: Clare Garrod
Tel: 01788 561 244
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Secretary / Treasurer: Paul Clews
Tel: 01327 437080
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Chapter Director Consultant: Claire Hawkes
Tel: 0121 711 5112
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Chapter Area Director Consultant: Claire Hawkes
Tel: 0121 711 5112
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Rugby Webb Ellis BNI - Business Networking & Referrals in Rugby, Warwickshire.


Business Networking in Rugby

BNI is an international business and professional networking organisation with over 7000 Chapters worldwide. Each Chapter operates a category lockout - meaning only one person from each trade or profession is allowed to join that Chapter.

If you found this page because you were searching online for business networking in the Rugby area then there’s good news!
Rugby Webb Ellis BNI Chapter is a business networking event in Rugby, held once a week at Brownsover Hall Hotel (Brownsover Lane, Rugby)
Our Rugby BNI Chapter has generated close to £600,000 worth of business since being launched in November 2012 & the average seat value in Webb Ellis BNI is worth £12,000 in business for each member (this figure is rising along with the membership count).

We welcome visitors to come along and see what BNI is all about.  We've had 115 visitors so far attend our chapter, so if you haven't yet visited us, or if you would like to make a return visit, go ahead and reserve your visitor place here.

In the last 12 months, there has been £347,045 worth of business passed. As our chapter grows, so will our average seat value.

Could you benefit from increased business through networking in Rugby at Webb Ellis BNI? Visit our next meeting where you'll receive a warm welcome (no obligation to join).  You can attend as a visitor up to 3 times.

Magician & Entertainer Mark Traversoni with willing volunteer Colin Oswald of CPA Paid.Solicitor, Gwyneth Allsopp presenting her 10 minute slot.

What is BNI?

Every week 150,000 people attend over 7,000 BNI networking meetings in 58 countries around the world – WHY?

The answer is simple...

They want to grow and build a more profitable, more efficient and more successful business.

The weekly BNI networking event in Rugby has a strong mix of business professionals all working to help each other to generate new profitable business and build relationships they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Joining BNI is like having a team of sales people working for you – when they meet someone who could benefit from your products or services, they hand your business card over to them and recommend your services.

Try BNI for yourself...

Attend a business breakfast meeting at Rugby Webb Ellis BNI to see for yourself how business networking works - the BNI way.  A warm welcome awaits for all visitors so why not come along and sample BNI for yourself.

  • Open networking followed by breakfast
  • Pitch your business to the entire group - you never know, you may even leave with a referral in your hand!
  • Meet other like minded individuals
  • Make new contacts
  • No obligation to join

Every Thursday at 6:45am (open networking) for a 7am meeting start.

Venue: Brownsover Hall Hotel, Brownsover Lane, Brownsover, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV21 1HU (follow the BNI signs within the hotel grounds). Click here to reserve your place at the next meeting.

What to expect at Rugby Webb Ellis BNI

Watch the video below to discover why BNI works...


Attend Rugby Webb Ellis and sample business referral and networking in Rugby - the BNI way!


What do our Rugby Webb Ellis BNI Chapter members say?


I have been a member of the Rugby Webb Ellis BNI Chapter since June 2014 and have received referrals to act for people in buying and selling properties, a commercial unit lease, all the legal documents required by a complex start up business and two sets of terms and conditions. The referrals have been to act for other Chapter members and also people they know. BNI has been my single largest source of work.

I have been a member of other networking groups in the past. This particular group works and is successful in part because of the formalised BNI structure which maximises the use of the time available but more importantly because of the people in the group.

We meet weekly and so get to know each other and our businesses. We make friends and have some fun whilst still doing business. As a result of high level of trust develops between the members and we have are comfortable referring our own contacts, clients and friends.

Gwyneth Allsopp - Rutherfords LLP
Gwyneth Allsopp
Rutherfords LLP


A local Rugby business manager from the SME Business team at Lloyds Bank visited the chapter last year.

From this one visit I have built relationships throughout the region not only with senior managers from the various business teams but also the Commercial Finance operation that operates nation wide.  

From this one introduction I'm now receiving leads and referrals on a weekly basis through Lloyds offering many finance solutions that can involve the CPA and Lloyds working hand in hand.
Colin Oswald - CPA Paid
Colin Oswald
CPA Paid



I joined BNI knowing that not everyone sells a house every year, or even every 3 or five years and that membership may not pay for itself in the first year or so.

Very quickly I realised that BNI was providing me with not only quality business leads, but a source of contacts that I could utilise in not just my business life, but my personal life too.

Having trusted contacts across such a wide range of sectors has helped me with numerous corporate events I have had to arrange as well as a wedding, graphic design and marketing for my business, and even find a sports therapist to help me with a sports injury!

My membership fee has been returned over 10x in the first year and more importantly the support and teamwork, as well as the education and training, has helped me grow as a business owner.

Adam McHenry
Adam McHenry
Cadman Homes


Working with BNI has benefited both me personally and my business in many ways. I’ve built – and continue to build - strong relationships with successful business people, both men and women, where we all are working hard to achieve the same purpose - to help each other create successful businesses.

Being part of BNI has also enhanced my speaking and presentation skills but perhaps most importantly, it has helped give me the confidence I needed to stand up and speak to a room of people. I can honestly say, that I would not have been able to do this without the encouragement and support of such a lovely group of people.

When I joined the group in September 2014 I felt incredibly nervous about standing up and presenting for 60 seconds. Within weeks of being at BNI, I found my confidence growing and before I realised it, I was comfortably doing a 10 minute presentation to everyone! It’s something previously I thought I would never be able to do and doing it, and feeling comfortable doing so, gives me a massive sense of achievement.

I’m looking forward to seeing how far I can go within the group, how I can further improve my presentation skills and to welcoming more business people into our group.
Jodie McDermott - Cox Costello & Horne
Jodie McDermott
Cox Costello & Horne


During my two and a half years in the Webb Ellis Chapter, I have had the pleasure of meeting many people who have provided me with numerous referrals which has helped my business grow, but it is the relationships that have grown with other members that has really been my success. I now have a group of members and ex-members who are providing me with good referrals on a consistent basis.

One referral partner stands out for me, not just for the business passed, but the friendship that has been created. Having met through BNI Webb Ellis, we passed nearly £100K worth of business between each other as our businesses are very complimentary. The business is still flowing both ways but now we get together and enjoy time flying, event organising, having a drink or two, playing golf, bowling and other fun activities.
Malcolm Freeman - Oxygen Graphics
Malcolm Freeman
Oxygen Graphics


I have known John Fox of Jems Photography for over 3 years. During this time I have collaborated with John and his team to improve the Brownsover Hall’s visual image with a fresh approach to imagery and social media. This understanding of mutual needs can only truly be expressed through a business relationship, developed over time.

I introduced John to BNI and he embraced the ethos of Giver's Gain immediately. As the hotel’s preferred photographer, Jems Photography is referred to all our prospective wedding guests and enjoys prime position at our wedding fairs. The resulting referrals passed between us are considerable, with the knowledge that when a referral is made, it is followed up immediately and receives optimal priority.

Recently John was speaking to a customer who was holding a wedding at another venue. They expressed concern that the venue in question had announced refurbishment work during the date of their wedding. Picking up on this concern, John was able to recommend Brownsover Hall Hotel. Over a weekend we were able to confirm availability and honour the same conditions. The customer was delighted, they had secured a venue free from renovations for their special day and John had provided the solution. The wedding is worth a basic £5,000 plus possible accommodation and bar spend.
Alan Moxon - Brownsover Hall Hotel
Alan Moxon
Brownsover Hall Hotel


I recently had an introduction into a hotel for a BNI visitor. I managed to save them £28,000 and earned £4,500 for my company.

This one client has more than paid for my membership for a good few years to come!
Debbie Davies


Attend our next meeting to experience Rugby Webb Ellis BNI yourself.

30 Years of BNI - Learn how it all started from BNI Founder, Dr Ivan Misner


In the last 12 months, our Rugby Webb Ellis members have passed referrals worth a total of:



Are you struggling to find that next dream referral?

Do you find the quality of leads received at other networking events is poor?

Is your business missing out on lucrative new business by not being part of BNI?

Imagine week after week, leaving our Rugby Webb Ellis BNI meeting with one, two or even a handful of referrals - people wanting to do business with you.

Locking out your competition by joining Rugby Webb Ellis BNI could be one of the smartest moves you ever make.

Attend the next meeting as a visitor to discover what BNI can do for you.


A fun song about being in BNI from a talented member of BNI London...

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BNI members, on average, increase their business 20% the first year. Our chapter is a dynamic, committed group of business people who know how to refer business to each other.  If you're yet to try business networking in Rugby - the BNI way, then come along as a visitor.

We have open categories for individuals who will bring enthusiasm and integrity to our meeting. Just one person per professional specialty is allowed in each chapter.

Search our members here to see if your category is open, then visit a meeting and lock out your competition!

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Rugby Webb Ellis Chapter Ambassador, Debbie Davies.

Would you like to speak to someone first before attending?

Call our Chief Experience Officer, Debbie Davies, on 07747 756069 who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about attending our BNI chapter for the first time.


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Rugby Webb Ellis BNI - Business referral and professional networking in Rugby, Warwickshire.


Brownsover Hall Hotel, Brownsover Lane Rugby, Warwickshire, CV21 1HU.

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photographs by John Fox, Jems Photography